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Stronger Integrations

At SHR, we believe that your CRS should be your one place to manage all of your rates, inventory, & reservations. That’s why we constantly add more integrations and work to strengthen existing integrations.

Property Management Systems

WindsurferCRS integrates with the following PMS’ to help you manage rates & inventory with ease.

  • Agilysys LMS
  • Agilysys Visual One
  • Appsavant
  • ASI Frontdesk
  • AutoClerk
  • Execu-Tech
  • GuestTracker
  • HSS-Frontclerk
  • Infor Epitome
  • Infor HMS
  • Innsoft CheckInn
  • IQWare
  • Lodgical Solutions
  • Maestro
  • MSI CloudPM
  • MSI WinPM
  • NiteVision
  • Oracle Opera OXI
  • PAR Springer-Miller ATRIO
  • PAR Springer-Miller HOST
  • RDP
  • Roomaster
  • RoomKey
  • SabrePMS
  • SkyTouch Hotel OS
  • SkyTouch Hotel PMS
  • SkyWare
  • Visual Matrix
  • WebRezPro

Revenue Management Systems

WindsurferCRS currently integrates with the following Revenue Management Systems allowing for a streamlined, automated integration for rates & packages.

  • IDeaS
  • Duetto

Marketing Integrations

At SHR we know that you need to connect with your guests in a personalized manner. WindsurferCRS integrates with the following marketing solutions to help your property earn new guests and retain loyal guests.

3rd Party


Increase revenue by offering upsell options to your guests prior to check-in.

Uses social media to increase bookings by offering pre-made messages that the guest can easily flip to their social media sites.


Guests will book with confidence with guest review integration right in the booking engine.


Merchant Link’s Transaction Vault

This integration ensures that the WindsurferCRS never sees or stores sensitive credit card information. Hotels using the WindsurferCRS platform who have deployed Merchant Link’s TransactionVault® solution will tokenize all credit card data prior to storage and during transmission, allowing for enhanced security.

The partnership allows SHR to tokenize card data and dramatically decreases the risk of compromised data while reducing the scope of a hotel’s PCI initiatives.

For more information about the specifics of any of these integrations, please contact us.